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How to choose the right van refrigeration: Battery and direct drive split units zer0°


The van refrigeration zer0° is the series characterized by a new and attractive design, less environmental impact and an upgraded electronic system. This kind of van refrigeration unit is easy to use and quick to install and maintain.

The series was designed to meet all the needs of the distribution industry and to offer the utmost flexibility in the handling of temperatures for refrigerated products, such as chilled and frozen goods. All the models of the van refrigeration zer0° series are powered by the vehicle’s engine and are suitable for small to medium size vans.

Thanks to the improved performance, the reduction of the environmental impact, and last but not least the new design this van refrigeration unit represents the innovation.

Zanotti new range of products for refrigeration vehicles small and medium size. 
zer0 ° Range offers a new and attractive design, ease and speed of installation and maintenance, reduced environmental impact, improved electronics.


Currently available in ranges:

Battery drive: model Z120b

Direct drive unit: models Z200s, Z250s, Z300s, Z350s, Z380s.


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